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Got what it takes?!

Join Fun Club, the premier social platform for premium events, VIPs, and fun experiences nationwide. Your grandmother won't see this.
  • You Only Live Once: Join the fast growing network of premium events and VIPs.

  • Your phone will become your all-access pass to premium events & fun of all kinds.

Fun Club is a feature-rich mobile app for social networking with peers and at awesome events.

Our team gets you access to renowned events, celebrities, and exclusive experiences in major cities.

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Share Your Selfies & Videos

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Run Into Celebrities

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Plan Parties with Friends

No more comments from your parents or silly online game invites that you'll never accept. 

Better than Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook -- combined!

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Upgrade your social life. 
Leave the memes and trolls to other social networks and finally share your fun without distraction.

Where we're going - we don't need them.

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Go Behind-The-Scenes

Fun Club has something for everyone. See what's the hottest place to party and get access to private VIP events.

Share, Live!

Make your friends jealous and show them why they should join the Fun Club.

Unlock Badges & Special Access

Earn bragging rights, skip lines, and get all-access passes to VIP events.

Score Awesome Swag

Earn amazing gifts, buy stylish merch, and enjoy luxurious environments.

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